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Baby Nathan Update! — September 19, 2012

Baby Nathan Update!

Happy Wednesday!  I thought I would take the time this morning to give a little update on the progress of our pregnancy and what has been going on in our life as of lately! As I was looking back over my previous posts, I realized that my baby updates have been kind of brief and I have a few gaps to fill in. 🙂

When we first found out about this pregnancy, I think my husband and I were both in shock. When I showed him the little blue plus sign on the pregnancy test, he just looked at me in silence for what seemed like forever, then very timidly said, “Honey, <insert long pause here> I just don’t know what to say…..” Bless his heart. I didn’t know what to say either. It was so unexpected, yet such happy news. We were both speechless. And trust me, I am NOT speechless very often. (I think I just heard an amen from someone/anyone who knows me!) Ha.

In all this excitement, I was having a hard time recalling exactly where I was at in my cycle. I was pretty sure that my cycle had started the first week I had classes, which would put my LMP around January 9. When I went to my first doctor’s appointment, they told me my estimated due date was October 16. Then later on, we went for our first ultrasound and (after hearing the baby’s heart beat for the first time!) our due date got moved to November 6. So for the majority of this pregnancy, that is what we’ve gone by, anytime someone asked when we were due and also how many weeks along I am.

So, when we went to our doctor’s appointment on September 6,  I was 31 weeks pregnant. I was feeling good for the most part, but I was having moments and days where I was just SO very tired and sometimes just feeling downright BAD. I just assumed it was because I was saying goodbye to the 2nd trimester energy and saying hello to 3rd trimester aches, pains and TOBP (Tired of Being Pregnant) syndrome. I was having a harder time keeping up with my little boy, who is a very energetic 17 month old, and I expressed this whining and complaining concern to my doctor. He said he would like to do an ultrasound anyway to check on the baby’s growth. I was diagnosed with HG (Hyperemesis gravidarum ) and had lost 15 pounds through the course of my first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Even though I have gained back most of the weight I had lost, he still wanted to check on our little guy’s progress. So we go in for the ultrasound. I looked on the screen and saw a much bigger baby than what I expected to see.

Our little Nathan

He was legs and arms all over the place. He has a head full of fuzzy hair. He was sucking his thumb. He weighed in at 5 pounds 3 ounces. But the most surprising part? He measured at 34 WEEKS. I was an entire THREE weeks further along than what we thought! Our due date got moved back to October 17.

So, here I am today, at 36 weeks pregnant. It makes my head spin to think that at this point in our journey with Aidan, he was already born! He was born at 35 weeks, 5 weeks early due to pre-eclampsia/toxemia. I am so thankful for all that God has given me. It was very scary when Aidan came early, and I was SO VERY SICK due to the pre-eclampsia that I felt like I didn’t get to enjoy the last weeks of my pregnancy with him. God is merciful and we both ended up okay. I have hoped and prayed for a different experience with this pregnancy, than the labor and delivery I had with Aidan. I got some disappointing news at my doctor’s appointment this week, that I am starting to show some symptoms of pre-eclampsia, that is requiring further testing. Please pray for us, that the test results show NO TOXEMIA and that our little boy will be born safe and healthy, when he is READY! I am feeling good for the most part (just tired mostly!) I don’t feel even a FRACTION as bad as what I did when I was getting ready to give birth to Aidan, so hopefully the tests we are doing will come back okay.  Thanks so much for your prayers!

Because of HIM,


I appreciate each and every one of you for reading my post and for your love and kindness! This week I was so excited to get started with an 8 week Bible Study on the book of Colossians with Good Morning Girls and Women Living Well ministries. I am so thankful to have this online study during a season of my life when I am spending so much time at home! It’s only the third day into the study and I already feel like I’ve learned so much. I’m so excited to see what God is going to do next!

What’s in a name? — July 6, 2012

What’s in a name?

So sorry for keeping everyone in suspense about New Baby Boy Ethel’s name! Before I tell you what it is, I have to tell you briefly about our journey and how we decided on his name. Thanks for indulging me!

For many months now, JR and I have been racking our brains trying to name this baby. Even before we found out he was a boy, we had no idea what the name would be. We started making a list, and had many different ideas, but the names we liked the most were girl names. I REALLY wanted a girl so I concentrated on those names. Then we got the big news that we were expecting another BOY! Back to the drawing board. I started asking my friends on Facebook for name ideas, got some really GREAT suggestions, but we still couldn’t decide.

JR and I did not take naming our kids lightly. We really like to know the meanings behind names and we wanted our boys’ names to have a special meaning. Aidan’s name means “little fire.” Which is perfect for him.  He was a little spitfire from the very beginning! We also liked the idea of his name meaning “fire” because JR and I had a BURNING desire to be parents. After thinking for a long time we may never get to have kids, Aidan was our miracle baby.

THIS time, we were not exactly trying to get pregnant. You know what I mean. Not trying, but not doing anything to prevent pregnancy either! We knew we wanted more kids but after the long struggle we had trying to get pregnant the first time, we never expected to get pregnant so easily. Oh my how surprised we were!  Surprised and ecstatic. You see, JR and I had overcome SO MUCH in the previous six months.

I won’t go into all the details of it now, but in short, we were struggling. Struggling in our marriage. Not anything that would have made us get a divorce or anything, but it was like there was a big wall that had gone up between us and it was so hard. There is not a “how-to” manual on how to be married. JR and I are so DIFFERENT. Those of you who know us well can testify that we are NIGHT and DAY. Then after we had Aidan, we poured everything we were into taking care of him and, in all probability, neglected our relationship with each other.  JR and I love each other so much and never ever stopped, but we just had a hump to get over. Then, we had an amazing opportunity to go on a marriage retreat with Christ Temple Church. What happened to us on that retreat was LIFE CHANGING. We opened up to one another and we did something we had never done before. We prayed together. We re-dedicated our lives and our marriage to God. It was only just the beginning.  Over the months to come, we worked on our OWN personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as individuals, and the walls between us just came tumbling down. We apologized, a lot. We served one another without expecting anything in return.

And then………..

We fell in love all over again.

What happened next do you ask? Oh yeah…….we got pregnant again. 🙂

So having been through and overcome so much, we feel like this baby was a precious gift. It was God’s way of telling us, “Good job! Keep up the good work! Oh and HERE, have a BLESSING!”

So what is our new baby boy’s name?

From the beginning, JR and I both really loved the name Nathan. Nathan means “gift of God.” Translated in Hebrew it literally means, “God has given.”  JR’s middle name is Alan, and so is my Dad’s! Alan is of German origin and it means “precious.”  So, this boy is our “precious gift from God” and we are naming him:

Nathan Alan!

We are so excited and absolutely cannot wait to meet him!

Big Ultrasound Results! It’s a ??????? — June 5, 2012

Big Ultrasound Results! It’s a ???????

Not so long ago, I found out that I am going to have another baby.

Having already been blessed with my bouncing baby boy Aidan, I was so excited about this new pregnancy! You see, I am a girly GIRLY girl. I love my lipstick, nail polish, perfume, shopping and all things PINK. I admit I have always been a little bit prissy and A-LOT-a-bit sassy. I was really thrown for a loop when I found out that Aidan was going to be a boy, because I really did not know what I would do with a boy. Of course now, I cannot imagine things any other way.  Then it came as a bit of a shock that we were expecting again so soon!  I was surprised because, well,  we were not exactly “trying” and yet at the same time were not doing anything to prevent pregnancy either. We had gone through such a difficult time to get pregnant with Aidan in the first place, I guess we never could have imagined it would ever happen that easy for us! (It did.)From the moment I found out I had another life growing inside of me, I started having dreams of pink frilly dresses and visions of dance recitals. I made lists upon lists of baby girl names and had daydreams of all the things we would do together. I made a specific list of things that I did not get to do as a little girl and I would make it one of my missions in life to help her in any way I can, get to do those things, things I never did get to do or finish doing. Oh how I wanted this baby to be a little girl . I thought of all the fun we would have and how she would never know the heartaches I have myself suffered, If I had anything to do about it. My dreams ran wild! I looked into the future and I could see teddy bear tea parties and barbie doll beauty shoppes. Well through the middle of all the pink frilly purple clouds, it became more difficult for me to hear what God was trying to tell me. I got so busy making my OWN plans, that I never bothered to pray to Him for wisdom because oh FOR SURE this baby is going to be a girl. I wanted a girl the first time and did not get her. Aidan turned out great and yes that was God’s plan. But now? Now it is MY turn! So God began to poke holes in my big pink bubble. What if it’s another boy? What if THIS is my plan for you instead?? (Jeremiah 29:11) Then I began to feel incredibly guilty. If this baby turns out to be a boy, I’m so afraid I will be disappointed about not getting a girl, that he would not get the excitement that he deserves from me.

So I began to spend alot of time with God in prayer. I talked out all of my feelings. My desire to have a little girl, yet my love and absolute joy I have being a mother of a little boy. I asked God to give me peace. I had been having  alot of worry about the health of the baby first and foremost, and then there was the gender anxiety. One afternoon, I really felt led to make everything in my apartment as calm and quiet as can be, and just spend the day alone in God’s presence. Not talk, just listen. So I did. I began to think about my life, even from the earliest stages and who has influenced me the most. By far and large, my father has had the single greatest earthly impact in helping shape me into who I am. He’s the one who led me to Christ at a very young age and my life would not be the same without him. Then I started thinking about how all throughout my life, my school years, even up into college, how I had more friends that were boys than friends that were girls. The friendships with these guys were exactly that, friendships, non-romantic relationships, with great guys who I still keep in touch with to this day. Many of whom have lovely wives and children and I am blessed to know them and blessed to call them friends. It was with these guys in mind, that God revealed to me just how in control and sovereign He is. God has been using all these dear boy friendships over the years to mold me, shape me, groom me and prepare me to be the mother of a little boy (possible 2?) I have loved many guys over the years, and I married my favorite one. 🙂 The man I married has known from day one that I have friendships with guys that go way back and has never been jealous (nor have I ever given him a reason to be jealous) I am so in awe of the big picture God has planned for me. So going into today’s appointment, I had peace either way. Either I was going to get the girl that I had daydreamed about, or I was getting another sweet baby boy.

And the verdict is……….

We’re having another BOY!!!!

So this is what I’m meant to do. Have boys. Be a mother to sons. It is such an amazing privilege, that it overwhelms me. Growing boys into men. Help shape future husbands and fathers. Not that I’m not still a teensy bit disappointed I did not get the girl I daydreamed about. Ohhh how can I explain this?? I think God knows what he’s doing by giving me boys. I have OH SO many issues, insecurities, wounds , scars, etc etc, that took place when I was a little girl, wounds that I’m afraid would bust wide open at times if I were to have little girls. I have so many little girl hurts, that they may, as hard as I would try to prevent it, make trickle down to her and I would inadvertently expose her own insecurities in the process. Not that I won’t have to work hard to keep this from happening with my boys as well, it just seems that girls are a completely different ball game, especially when it comes to emotions!

So we are very blessed and excited. Everything on the ultrasound turned out completely normal, and we have another healthy boy on the way! Now if we can only come up with a name. All suggestions are welcome! Thanks for visiting this post and be sure to leave a comment with a suggestion for a boy name. We need all the help we can get!!

Guess What? — March 26, 2012

Guess What?

I just can’t hold it in another minute. I have a big piece of news. A secret that has been so hard to keep. Especially hard not to talk about on this blog. My goal for this blog is to write about my life, for my life to be an open book. I’ve held out for exactly a month to the date, but I can’t stand it anymore… Here goes…

I’m pregnant! Aidan is going to be a big brother!

I am 8 weeks along, baby due November 6!

Ultrasound at 7 weeks

Everything looks great so far!

JR and I found out exactly one month ago that we are going to have another baby. We were so incredibly shocked but so excited! I’ve had many different emotions over the past 4 weeks. However, there is something I’ve been feeling that I’m not proud of at all.


You see, there was a time in our lives when we were uncertain if we would ever get to have children. Before we had Aidan, we lost a baby.  This is why I have been so hesitant to announce our wonderful news, the fear of something bad happening again. Fear that we could lose this baby too. Then I began to pray. I gave my fears to my God, and He began to comfort me. I came across this Bible verse:

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

The way I was feeling was not from God! He has not given me a spirit of fear. Here is what fear is:





So I’m giving my worries and fears to Jesus. I’m thanking Him with all my heart and soul for blessing us with another baby. Whatever happens, I know He has a plan. I know that I KNOW, God is in control. I just could not wait another day to tell the world how God is blessing us. I’m kissing my fears goodbye!!!