The Story Behind the Mess

This past week, I posted a video on YouTube of a huge mess that my 3-year-old made. Here it is:

Here’s the story behind the mess…

My 3-year-old loves the snow. We live here in the Tri-state area of Huntington, West Virginia/Ohio/Kentucky and we really haven’t had a great deal of snow. At least not enough to go outside and make snow angels and snowmen with. (Which is really the best part of the snow, right?) The shoveling and barreling through part, we can just do without.

Due to this lack-of-snow situation, my creative boy decided to come up with his own solution. He made “snow” with BABY POWDER!

I am a full-time college student, and also doing an internship (from home). I was catching up on some work while my 2-year-old was napping and while (I thought) the 3-year-old was busy playing! Unbeknownst to me, he was creating his own “snow” in his bedroom.

I took the above video in the aftermath. It was a MESS! I had a minor “panic attack” I believe! However, he was just so cute, I couldn’t stay mad. He just wanted snow!

At one point he even asks me “Are you mad?” Bless his heart.

I praised him for his creativity, but made SURE to tell him we CANNOT do this everyday.

(For the record, there was baby powder ALL through the drawers of clean clothes. Which I had to wash all over again!)

So yes he had fun. Yes he was/is cute. But this is not a very practical means of creative fun! Maybe we’ll try it in the bathroom next time… Maybe. šŸ˜‰


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