Overcome the 3 D’s through R.C.A!!!

I have begun to notice a pattern of habits about myself. Last week I talked about how I had been discouraged and feeling like I did not have much talent.  Discouragement is part of the pattern I’ve begun to notice that leads me down the road to depression and believe you ME, I am NEVER going down that road again. So I have had to beware of the 3 D’s. Distractions, Discouragement, Depression.

BEWARE of the 3 D’s!!  

Distraction- Distractions are different for everyone and are at times they are thrown at us. It could be as simple as an acute illness or a flat tire. It could be misplacing your keys or purse. It could be television, leisurely browsing the internet or facebook. Distractions are time stealers! Distractions take our focus off of God, our goals, and what we are has called to accomplish in our life.

Discouragement-  Having been distracted, and taken our eyes off our goals and our eyes off GOD, Discouragement will set in. Discontent. Feelings of self doubt and low self esteem creep in. We begin to slip away from our goals and wonder why we bother at all! (Oh and we begin to believe lies like we have no talent or God can’t use us. Or maybe that’s just me. *grin*

Depression-  Discouragement can quickly lead to feelings of depression. Feeling we having nothing to offer, nothing to accomplish, that we are just downright worthless. We feel helpless. These helpless, worthless feelings can quickly lead to despair. For those of us who have struggled with addiction in the past, this is a CRITICAL time….



READ!- Read the Bible! God’s word has every answer for every question in life. Get your hands on a Bible promise book. These have listings by topic of different struggles and feelings, gives corresponding scripture to reference on that subject. A great tool! It is also important to read a version of the Bible that you can understand.

Connect!- Connect to God and Connect to others. Connect to God by praying to him! Ask Him for help overcoming these struggles. He listens, He cares, and He loves you more than you will ever know! He sent His only son, Jesus, to die so we can have access to Him. There is no great love than THAT, am I right?? (Sorry, I started preaching there for a second, Haha.) Connect to others through church, small groups, Bible studies, or fellowship with a Godly friend you trust. I have been so very fortunate recently to have a meeting place on Tuesday night with some amazing wonderful people who have overcome/and are overcoming addiction through the power of GOD! We meet together, pray together, get into the WORD together, and are transparent with one another about our struggles. If you do not have a small group or bible study you can go to, there are many online bible studies , prayer groups , and faith communities that are available. (I have just started my own online group, more details on how to join at the end of this post!) Just connect in anyway you can. One of the worst things we can do is isolate ourselves.

Apply!- Apply what you’ve learned through reading and connecting and put it into practice!

Let’s overcome the 3 D’s that the devil throws at us!

“And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony……”

Revelation 12:11 KJV

 Thanks so much for reading my blog! Are you looking for a way to connect to God and to connect to others? Come and join my Good Morning Girls group!  I am so excited about this online study. Starting September 17, we will be reading through the book of Colossians together (2-3 verses a day) and using Facebook we will share with one another what we are reading and learning! We will also be sharing prayer requests and praying for one another.  To join my group go to my Facebook page and comment/message me , and I can add you to the group. So excited!!


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