What’s in a name?

So sorry for keeping everyone in suspense about New Baby Boy Ethel’s name! Before I tell you what it is, I have to tell you briefly about our journey and how we decided on his name. Thanks for indulging me!

For many months now, JR and I have been racking our brains trying to name this baby. Even before we found out he was a boy, we had no idea what the name would be. We started making a list, and had many different ideas, but the names we liked the most were girl names. I REALLY wanted a girl so I concentrated on those names. Then we got the big news that we were expecting another BOY! Back to the drawing board. I started asking my friends on Facebook for name ideas, got some really GREAT suggestions, but we still couldn’t decide.

JR and I did not take naming our kids lightly. We really like to know the meanings behind names and we wanted our boys’ names to have a special meaning. Aidan’s name means “little fire.” Which is perfect for him.  He was a little spitfire from the very beginning! We also liked the idea of his name meaning “fire” because JR and I had a BURNING desire to be parents. After thinking for a long time we may never get to have kids, Aidan was our miracle baby.

THIS time, we were not exactly trying to get pregnant. You know what I mean. Not trying, but not doing anything to prevent pregnancy either! We knew we wanted more kids but after the long struggle we had trying to get pregnant the first time, we never expected to get pregnant so easily. Oh my how surprised we were!  Surprised and ecstatic. You see, JR and I had overcome SO MUCH in the previous six months.

I won’t go into all the details of it now, but in short, we were struggling. Struggling in our marriage. Not anything that would have made us get a divorce or anything, but it was like there was a big wall that had gone up between us and it was so hard. There is not a “how-to” manual on how to be married. JR and I are so DIFFERENT. Those of you who know us well can testify that we are NIGHT and DAY. Then after we had Aidan, we poured everything we were into taking care of him and, in all probability, neglected our relationship with each other.  JR and I love each other so much and never ever stopped, but we just had a hump to get over. Then, we had an amazing opportunity to go on a marriage retreat with Christ Temple Church. What happened to us on that retreat was LIFE CHANGING. We opened up to one another and we did something we had never done before. We prayed together. We re-dedicated our lives and our marriage to God. It was only just the beginning.  Over the months to come, we worked on our OWN personal relationship with Jesus Christ, as individuals, and the walls between us just came tumbling down. We apologized, a lot. We served one another without expecting anything in return.

And then………..

We fell in love all over again.

What happened next do you ask? Oh yeah…….we got pregnant again. 🙂

So having been through and overcome so much, we feel like this baby was a precious gift. It was God’s way of telling us, “Good job! Keep up the good work! Oh and HERE, have a BLESSING!”

So what is our new baby boy’s name?

From the beginning, JR and I both really loved the name Nathan. Nathan means “gift of God.” Translated in Hebrew it literally means, “God has given.”  JR’s middle name is Alan, and so is my Dad’s! Alan is of German origin and it means “precious.”  So, this boy is our “precious gift from God” and we are naming him:

Nathan Alan!

We are so excited and absolutely cannot wait to meet him!


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