Let Me Sum Up

It’s been awhile…..

Right now would be a good opportunity to use a quote from one of my favorite movies EVAH…

“Let me essplain … no….there is too much…..let me sum up…” – Inigo,     The Princess Bride

So here I am to sum it up. Here are the “goings on” since my last post.

-My little boy turned 1 year old.

-We had a big birthday bash complete with EPIC cake smash.

Birthday boy cake smash

-Severe morning sickness with my new pregnancy, once again diagnosed with HG- Hyperemesis gravidarum.

-After 12 + months of breastfeeding my baby boy, our breastfeeding time came to an end.

Sniff, sniff.

-Made it to my second trimester of pregnancy, all still going well with the baby, even in the face of HG and having lost 15 + pounds so far.

-Lots and lots and lots and lots of STUDYING.

-Having a child in daycare presents many blessings as well as challenges. Challenges including separation anxiety, frequent colds, and a couple of nasty stomach viruses, one of which landed us in the hospital for a few days.

-Sick child= Husband missed time from work= Missed pay= Big time financial struggles

-Sick child= Me missing classes=missing notes and work I can’t make up= Stressing about making bad grades+ pregnancy hormones= Lots of Crying spells

-Made some new friends that I’m sure will be lifelong ones.

-Hard work really does pay off:

My final grades: Two A’s and Two B’s

Yup. For the first time in my LIFE, I made the Dean’s List.

And in conclusion, I saved the best for last:

Aidan started walking!

To see a cute video of my little man’s walking skills, go to my Facebook Page (and like it while you’re there!)

So that about sums it up, and brings us up to date! Each one of these deserved its own post, but as you can see, I’ve been rather busy.  🙂

Let the summer begin!


2 thoughts on “Let Me Sum Up

  1. lamscomm says:

    Thanks for the follow on my LAMS Communication blog! Oh My “Let me essplain … no….there is too much…..let me sum up…” – Inigo, The Princess Bride” Love.Love.LUV this movie. “I am Ingio Montoya. You killed my father,. Prepare to_______” 😉

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