The Story of Us

Four years ago today, a guy I really liked took me on a date for the first time.

December 2007

He went with me to my cousin’s wedding and then took me to dinner. He was cute, kind, a little ornery, and made me laugh so hard that my side still hurt the next day. I’ll never understand why he wanted to start going out with me (I was a hot mess back then), but every single day, I’m so thankful that he came into my life.

He got me to go back to church.

Oak Grove Church

He was the first guy I ever dated that made me feel like it was okay to just be myself.

July 2008

He asked me to marry him…..

and I said yes!

and then he chose me to be the mother of his child.

Happy 4 years honey. I love you more!

iPhone Photo Phun


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