A Week of Firsts

Aidan and I have had a big week! It’s been a week of firsts for the both of us.

Over the weekend, Aidan met Santa Claus for the first time.

This is also the first time Aidan has dressed up like an Elf.

However, the big BIG news is….

wait for it…..

Aidan started crawling this week!!!

Minutes after this video was taken, Aidan bumped his head for the first time.

Resulting in his first boo boo.

Which in turn was a first for me, the first time I kissed a boo boo on my baby.

Thankfully, a friend of mine was here to comfort me him when it happened.

In lesser news:

Aidan ate prunes for the first time. I played Angry birds for the first time. I used anti-monkey butt creme on Aidan’s bottom for the first time (it’s a real product, not something I’m just making up, I swear)

In a few days, Aidan will celebrate his first Thanksgiving. It will be my first Thanksgiving as a Mommy. I have more to be thankful for now, more than ever before in my life, because I have my baby boy. The baby I’ve waited my whole life to have.

I will never be able to show God enough gratitude. I cannot begin to thank Him enough, for the little smiling face I get to wake up to every morning.


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