#iPPP Thoughts from Aidan

From early in the morning…….

Until very late at night……

 There she is….Taking my picture.

When I’m playing

When I’m sleeping

and even when I’m at Applebees with my Daddy.

Try as I might…

There is NO ESCAPE from the Mamarazzi.

I love her. The End.

Linking up with KLZ and Liz for iPhone Photo Phun!

Taming Insanity


12 thoughts on “#iPPP Thoughts from Aidan

  1. southmainmuse says:

    That would have been me too, esp, with my first. But those were the days long before cell phones. Heck they were long before digital cameras. He’s now 6′ 0” and a senior in high school. Enjoy those snuggle in your arm days.

    • Amy Mac says:

      Wow, your baby is all grown-up! I’m going to enjoy every minute. I know there will come a day when it will no longer be cool to hang out with Mom. I’m loving every single cuddle he is giving me now!

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