Baby Boy is 5 months old! (and other fun facts)

Baby boy is 5 months old! Time is going by so fast. It really does not seem like its been 5 months since I held him in my arms for the first time . Yet here we are, and each day is better than the day before! Having little Aidan is by far the best thing I have EVER done in my life. My whole life I wished, hoped, dreamed, planned, prayed and longed for a little baby of my own. There was a time when it seemed like it was never going to happen. I’m so glad that God answered all my prayers, and gave me the most wonderful gift I could ever ask for or even imagine. Aidan has surpassed all my expectations of what it would be like to have a child. I can see his little personality beaming out at me each day, even though he is only 5 months old. So in honor of my baby’s 5 month birthday, I’m going to give you some fun facts about him. A short bio, if you will. Here goes!

Aidan was 6 lbs 14 oz when he was born. He looked so tiny! He had light therapy while he was in the NICU, so he came home from the hospital with a pretty nice tan.

Aidan at church on Easter Sunday, only 2 weeks old!

My baby loves to go to church. He enjoys everything about it. The music, the lights, all the people ooing and ahhing over him. He even likes the preaching. Sometimes, he preaches right back!

At first Aidan hated  taking a bath.

"Help me! Help me!"

Now he loves taking one! Now he’s all, “What’s not to like? I get a 20 minute massage after this big bad boy bath!”

My favorite time of day!

Aidan loves breastfeeding. Actually, I don’t know if love is a strong enough word. I think the kid would be perfectly content to stay home 24/7 and nurse all the time.

He LOVES his Mommy…….

and he loves his Daddy…..

and he loves his toys.

I know what you’re thinking…Baby boy looks just like his Daddy. I know, I know. **Sigh**

Aidan does not know his name is Aidan. He thinks his name is Bubby, because that is what we call him.

Aidan really likes to go outside. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, or what the weather is like, he loves to go for a stroll. He really enjoys listening to music and has a natural affinity for 90’s hip hop and rap. Okay, that is probably my fault. I love me some Beastie Boys.

Now for some of his dislikes. He does not like being cold or having his nails trimmed. He does not like his feet to be tickled. He recently stopped taking a pacifier, which is kind of bizarre because at one time he LOVED it. He loathes, despises and detests the nasal aspirator, aka the “snot sucker.” My husband calls it the battery powered torture device. I actually made JR use it on himself first, before I would use it on the baby. JR reminds me of this often, that I use it on the baby when I wouldn’t use it on myself!

Baby boy does not like to sleep in his own bed. So for now, we are co-sleeping.

I’m thankful he has more likes than dislikes!

There is more…SO MUCH more, but there’s not enough room in one post to sum up all that my baby boy is.

He gives me 1,000 smiles a day. He teaches me patience and gives me stability. He brings out the best in me. I’m so proud to be his Mommy and love him so very very much!


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