Ceiling Leaks, Colic and Crying

Wow, I’ve been so busy lately!  I was gone almost every night last week. There was a conference going on at my church all week and I have been helping out in the nursery. I have been suffering from blog guilt and I do not like it. So this is my first attempt at starting out small. Starting out small is one of the many tips I learned from the Summer Blog Social . This blog was dying a slow death so I’m so grateful for all the wonderful advice that was given! So here goes….

Last week started off a little bumpy. I had to miss church Sunday morning AND Sunday night because baby boy was having a rough day. My 4 month old baby Aidan was recently diagnosed with colic. He has good days and bad days. Sunday was a BAD day. I’m so glad my hubby was off work, it became a team effort. We took turns rocking, cuddling, burping, swinging, comforting and singing to the baby.

All curled up with his Daddy

He is exclusively breastfeeding, which helps alot with comfort, but my poor little guy was just restless. So we stayed home.

We stayed home again on Monday, to try to recuperate from Sunday.

On Tuesday we discovered a water leak in our apartment. We rent our apartment from a good friend. I’ve known him since we were kids and he and my husband hit it off right from the start. They both enjoy embarrassing me have similar interests. So when the ceiling started leaking, he was right on top of it. He’s been at our apartment every other day since it started, trying to get the leak fixed. So because he’s been over at our place so much, he’s witnessed several of my baby’s colic meltdowns.

Being a baby is so hard sometimes!

After about the 4th crying spell he saw, he said to me, “Ames, how do you stay so calm while he is screaming? Are you taking nerve pills or something?”  I laughed, because, no,  I’m not taking any pills. He was concerned, about me AND my baby. He just kept saying “Awww, poor little guy.”  Then he said, “Seriously, how are you holding up? This has to wear on your nerves after a while.” My reply was simple, “When my little guy is having a hard time, I just remember the fear I felt when I thought we may never even get to have a baby.”

So that’s what I do,  I remember what it felt like when we were struggling to get pregnant, when we lost a baby,  when we feared that we would never become parents. When I think about those hard times and everything we went through to get him here , I know we will be able to make it through. We have overcome so much already, colic is small potatoes.


4 thoughts on “Ceiling Leaks, Colic and Crying

  1. Jessica (@fourplusanangel) says:

    I had one with colic too and it is SO hard. I was exactly the same as you though, I was able to endure it all because I remembered how hard it was for us to get pregnant and I thought about the fact that we had lost his sister and there was a chance he never would have been here at all. I hope that the colic doesn’t last much longer.
    So glad that you got so much out of the blog social!

    • Amy Mac says:

      Yes it IS hard, no one really knows how hard it is unless they’ve also been through it! I’m sorry about the loss of your little girl. Life can be so short and unpredictable. Colic really IS no big deal in the big scheme of things!

  2. Amanda Austin says:

    Amy, this is a really great perspective. I know sometimes I really lose my cool when Luke has a meltdown. I’m not proud of some of my bad mommy moments. The other night he was up for 4hrs and finally is had it & started crying and begging him to sleep. Begging a baby!!! Anyway def gonna consider this next time!

    • Amy Mac says:

      I’m right there with you Amanda. I have resorted to begging my baby many times. “Pleeeease don’t cry! Mommy wants to help you but she doesn’t know what to do!” He still wakes up every 2-3 hours to eat so sleep is hard to come by. We are only human, so these moments are completely understandable! They will make for some interesting stories to tell our boys when they are all grown up! 🙂

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